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CrossFit Foundations Class 1

Welcome to RCFP's CrossFit Foundations Course . All new members must complete the Foundations Course before starting with the group training. It's designed to bring you up to speed on the foundations of CrossFit; the form and technique of our movements, the philosophy behind the CrossFit Program and the Nutrition Strategies we use to get incredible results. During these sessions your coach will ramp up the intensity based on your ability and assess your movements to create a personalized mobility program to improve your flexibility, performance and safety. In each session you will learn a new movement or Olympic lift, practice it, then finish with a CrossFit workout scaled to your ability. The personal nature of this program allows us to get you know you, your goals and any past or current injuries you need to work around. Once your sessions are complete we can guide you to which membership path is best for you.

At FirePower we work hard and have a great time doing it! The community is incredibly welcoming and friendly and the workouts are extremely rewarding. There’s no reason to be nervous. This was new to all of us at some point!
Morning Afternoon Evening
Jan 22 Tuesday 0 0 0
Jan 23 Wednesday 2 Times Available 5 Times Available 0
Jan 24 Thursday 5 Times Available 1 Times Available 0
Jan 25 Friday 5 Times Available 5 Times Available 0
Jan 26 Saturday 2 Times Available 1 Times Available 0
Jan 28 Monday 4 Times Available 12 Times Available 6 Times Available