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FirePower Mentality - Open Prep

CAD$175Purchase required to enroll
Stop beating yourself up over your times and load, and start learning how to enjoy the process of becoming a better athlete! In this program you'll learn how to recognize and override all those negative thoughts you constantly battle with mid-workout and teach yourself how to achieve a state of mind that's not only conducive to more fun, but better results!

Learn how to make the open work for you! In this 6 week course you will learn how to: Set open goals that actually matter to you, strategize to achieve those goals and enjoy the entire process along the way! In each class we will hit an open workout from years past, set a goal that actually matters to you and learn how to implement a mindset that allows you to achieve it. Friday nights should never be the most terrifying part of your week. Learn how to set goals that matter, properly strategize for them, fuel them with a mindset that works for you rather than against you and you’ll be as excited for the workout as you are for the beer and wings after it. It’s time to enjoy the open again. It’s time for FirePower Mentality - Open Prep.

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