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Weekdays from 6:00am to 9:30pm at Reebok CrossFit FirePower starting Mar 27, 2013
Saturdays from 8:00am to 1:00pm at Reebok CrossFit FirePower starting Jun 29, 2013
Sundays from 10:00am to 1:00pm at Reebok CrossFit FirePower starting Jun 30, 2013
Closed Jan 1, 2015
New Years Day
Closed Feb 16, 2015
Family Day
Our FirePower Campus is located in the heart of Milton, Ontario, just seconds off the 401. Reebok CrossFit FirePower, FirePower Kids, FirePower Hockey and FirePower Boxing are all under one roof! Lots of training options for you and your family.


CrossFit Classes

Group workout of the day (WOD). Must complete CrossFit Foundations to participate.

CrossFit Striking

Included in CF membership. Combines CrossFit with the benefits of boxing/kickboxing/striking. Must RSVP a spot online or first come first play!

Open Gym

Available for members who have successfully completed CrossFit Foundations or have approval from FirePower staff


A great class for lengthening, strengthening, stretching, and gaining/maintaining flexibility.

Dumbbell Mission CAD$20 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Foundation Appointments

CrossFit Foundations Class 1

CrossFit Foundations is the entry-point for CrossFit group classes. It is a beginner course of progressive training sessions with an experienced, educated and certified CrossFit Coach.

Boxing Classes

Recreational Boxing Conditioning Classes. Gloves and hand wraps required


This is a 45-minute HIIT, Core & Functional Training class for all levels of clients. Emphasis on improved metabolism and fat burning. Required completion of FP90 or coach evaluation & approval to participate in classes. No barbells or heavy lifting are included in this program

Free Trial - Boxing No purchase required to enroll

Time for some HIIT! Punch away stress and get super fit. For anyone 14+

Free Trial - Yoga No purchase required to enroll

Lengthening, strengthening, stretching, and fun with the amazing Lescine Maitland!

WOD - intermediate/advanced athletes No purchase required to enroll

Personal Training

Skill Session/ Personal Training (60min) CAD$90 per appointmentFrom CAD$75 per visit with 10-Pack Personal Skill Sessions (60min) passNo purchase required to enroll

Private training with a trainer of your choice. Work on specific skill development, customized workout programming, or goal-oriented training.

Skill Session / Personal Training (30min) CAD$50 per appointmentFrom CAD$40 per visit with 10-Pack Personal Skill Sessions (30min) passNo purchase required to enroll

Private skill training with a trainer of your choice. Typically these half hour sessions are used for focusing on skill work or high intensity quick workouts. Clients are encouraged to come already warmed up and stretched out to maximize time with the trainer.

Small Group Training No purchase required to enroll

Semi-private training sessions for 2 to 5 clients. Price will reflect number of participants

Specialty Programs

Strength Training (8-weeks) CAD$225Purchase required to enroll

This specialty program focuses on building pure strength. Coach BK will guide you and a small group through a customized program that measures and tracks your strength improvement over an 10-week timeframe. Participants come with a knowledge of the fundamentals of certain Olympic lifts, and will improve strength, form and the art of tying it all together. There will be assistance exercises and homework.

6 Week Fresh Start Program CAD$299Purchase required to enroll

For new or returning members. Includes 18 NEW Fat burning workouts without barbells with expert coaching from elite FirePower coaches, plus nutrition guide with recipes and pre/post InBody Body Composition Scan

To reserve your spot in a timeslot, enroll yourself online (payment required), call in to 905-864-9941 or come in person to speak with a FirePower representative.

FirePower Obstacle Training Series CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

6-week obstacle training & endurance prep for the spring/summer OCR race season.

Striking Foundations A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

This 90 minute session will teach you the basics of punching, kicking, and striking so you can participate in the CrossFit Striking classes

Barbell Bettys CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

A 6-week program focusing on basic strength patterns and barbell work - exclusively for FirePower women.

RCFP Nutrition Class CAD$45Purchase required to enroll

A 2-hour small group hands-on session of learning how to accurately weigh/measure and prepare your food, watch & learn on preparing various meals & snacks, and Q&A with our nutrition specialist, Coach Karen Silva.

Corporate Educational Training Seminar CAD$249.99Purchase required to enroll

FirePower Barbell Club CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

FirePower Barbell Club is a co-ed Olympic lifting program focusing on improving athlete technique and understanding of lifting. This series of The Barbell Club will run for 6 consecutive weeks on Sunday Mornings from 10:30am with Coach Shane.

FirePower Sweat Sesh CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Intermediate and experienced CrossFitters are welcome to join Coach Dave in an 6 week intensive programming series that will test your physical and mental work capacity far beyond general classes! These lengthy workouts will improve your strength, power, speed, and metcon endurance. Scaling options will be provided but be advised that these workouts will be significantly more challenging than our typical everyday WODS.

MAJORITY of workouts will be completed with a weighted vest if you have access to one. A weighted vest is encouraged but not required.

Sunday Summer Bootcamp Series CAD$75Purchase required to enroll

Sunday Summer Bootcamp Series. 6 Weeks. All skill levels welcome! Ages 14+. $75 pre-register or $15 drop in.

Summer Boot Camp Single CAD$15Purchase required to enroll

FirePower Flex CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Theres a time and place for the Bicep Curl and the Tricep extension. Join Coach Brian and learn the fundamental of Functional Body Building.

FirePower Ergaholics CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Work with Coach Annie on your engine. This program will use a combination of all the "Erg" machines including Rowing, Skiing ohh and Biking to help build your metabolic capacity. Long durations, short sprints or a combination of both will leave you feeling accomplished after your class!

FirePower Mentality - Open Prep CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Stop beating yourself up over your times, load and always chasing RX. Start learning how to enjoy the process of becoming a better athlete! In this program, you'll learn how to recognize and override all those negative thoughts you constantly battle mid workout and how to achieve a state conducive to not only more fun, but better results.

Learn how to make the open work for you!

In this 6 week course you will learn how to: Set open goals that actually matter to you, strategize to achieve those goals, and enjoy the entire process along the way! In each class we will hit an open workout from years past, set a goal that actually matters to you, and learn how to implement a mindset that allows you to achieve it. Friday nights should never be the most terrifying part of your week. Learn how to set goals that matter, properly strategize for them, and fuel them with a mindset that works for you rather than against you, and you’ll be as excited for the workout as you are for the beer and wings after it. It’s time to enjoy the open again. It’s time for FirePower Mentality - Open Prep.

FirePower Mobility CAD$125Purchase required to enroll

Have a hard time getting through the Open without any aches and pains? Here is your chance to do some guided mobility directly targeted to stretch and lengthen those muscle you used during your latest open workout! This 5 week course will be led by Coach Dan A so you will get both a good stretch and a good laugh out of every session!

FirePower 911 CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Are you someone looking to get into the Firefighting or First Responder line of work? This program will allow you to get loaded up and workout with all of the bunker gear and help you prepare for any test or courses that you might have coming up! Prepared and coached by active duty FireFighters.

Sweat Sesh Drop In CAD$30 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Strongman Specialty Program CAD$85Purchase required to enroll

Using a variety of Strongman equipment, tools and tactics!

Varsity Athlete Training

FirePower Varsity Classes

Weekly CrossFit classes for ages 14 to 17. 3 sessions per week.

Summer Teen Athlete Training - 1 week drop in (Mon - Fri) CAD$75Purchase required to enroll

FirePower's Teen Summer Training Program is an all encompassing strength and conditioning programming for ages 14-17. Classes run daily, Monday - Friday at 7:30am.

Our 1 week drop in options allows for busy flexible schedules throughout the summer. Book up to 4 individual weeks throughout the 6 week program.

Summer Varsity Mornings CAD$20 per classPlans available from CAD$69No purchase required to enroll

FirePower Varsity classes for ages 14-17.

Intro Classes

Intro to Group CrossFit/Ignite Classes

A complimentary introductory session with a CrossFit coach booked around your schedule.

Intro to Varsity

A complimentary introductory session with a CrossFit coach booked within a Varsity class. Sessions can be booked on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 3:30 or 4:15pm with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Intro to Boxing

A complimentary introductory session with a boxing coach booked around your schedule.

Intro to One on One Training (Personal) Free

Not comfortable in a group environment? Do you have a flexible schedule? Do you have specific and meaningful goals that you are ready to achieve? We have multiple Male and Female coaches to match up with your needs and personalities. Book a session and give it a try!

Nutrition Appointments

RCFP Nutrition 101 CAD$89 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

RCFP Nutrition 101 - In this program you will get the lay of the land and a sample look into a balanced lifestyle. If you are someone who already has a basic knowledge of nutrition and is just looking for somebody to get you started, Nutrition 101 is a great option for you. We will take some baseline measurements and give you some tools for success, including a 1-week meal plan!

RCFP Nutrition Jump Start (4 weeks) No purchase required to enroll

This "Jump Start" will give you the tools you need to get started with a customized meal plan according to your goals and nutritional needs. This is a great package for anyone who doesn't need accountability and on-going coaching. Simply THE PLAN!

RCFP Nutrition Shape Up (4 week intensive) No purchase required to enroll

This "Shape-Up" will not only give you the tools you need to get started, but provides weekly coaching support and accountability to ensure you are making the right choices to stick with it. This program includes a customized meal plan according to your goals and nutritional needs and 4 weeks of regular contact with your nutrition coach.

RCFP Ultimate Nutrition Package (12 weeks)

An in depth 12-week coaching plan to help you achieve your nutritional goals and support your training. This plan includes customized meal plan, in person follow-ups twice a week, and review and adjustment of meals. Payment can be made in 3 monthly installments.

RCFP On-Going Nutrition Coaching - 1 month

Ensure your continued success with partnering with one of our nutrition coaches to keep you accountable and committed to your goals. Monthly Body Scan and Measurements are included! Can only be purchased with completion of a nutrition program.

InBody Scan CAD$45 per appointmentFrom CAD$38 per visit with InBody Scan - 2 Visits passNo purchase required to enroll

Start to measure your success today ! This is a 15 minute goal setting and measurement + electronic body scan combo.


28-Day Nutrition Fix CAD$99.99Purchase required to enroll

Join us with a new 28-Day Nutrition Challenge! Members & non-members are welcome to participate!

Family Wod Free