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Specialty Courses

Periodically we offer various specialty programs that are not included in monthly membership. These could be skill-based, strength building, etc.

Barbell Bettys CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

A 6-week program focusing on basic strength patterns and barbell work - exclusively for FirePower women.

FirePower Barbell Club CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

FirePower Barbell Club is a co-ed Olympic lifting program focusing on improving technique and understanding of lifting.

FirePower Sweat Sesh CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

This 6 week intensive series will test your physical and mental work capacity far beyond general classes! These lengthy workouts will improve your strength, power, speed, and metcon endurance. Scaling options will be provided but be advised that these workouts will be significantly more challenging than our typical everyday WODS. A weighted vest is encouraged but not required.

Strength Training (8-weeks) CAD$225Purchase required to enroll

This specialty program focuses on building pure strength. Coach BK will guide you and a small group through a customized program that measures and tracks your strength improvement over an 10-week timeframe. Participants come with a knowledge of the fundamentals of certain Olympic lifts, and will improve strength, form and the art of tying it all together. There will be assistance exercises and homework.

FirePower Obstacle Training Series CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

6-week obstacle training & endurance prep for the spring/summer OCR race season.

Striking Foundations A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

This 90 minute session will teach you the basics of punching, kicking, and striking so you can participate in the CrossFit Striking classes

Corporate Educational Training Seminar CAD$249.99Purchase required to enroll

FirePower Flex CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Theres a time and place for the Bicep Curl and the Tricep extension. Join Coach Brian and learn the fundamental of Functional Body Building.

FirePower Ergaholics CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Work with Coach Annie on your engine. This program will use a combination of all the "Erg" machines including Rowing, Skiing ohh and Biking to help build your metabolic capacity. Long durations, short sprints or a combination of both will leave you feeling accomplished after your class!

FirePower Mentality - Open Prep CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Stop beating yourself up over your times, load and always chasing RX. In this program, you'll learn how to recognize and override all those negative thoughts you constantly battle mid workout and how to achieve a state conducive to not only more fun, but better results.

FirePower Mobility CAD$125Purchase required to enroll

Have a hard time getting through the Open without any aches and pains? Here is your chance to do some guided mobility directly targeted to stretch and lengthen those muscle you used during your latest open workout! This 5 week course will be led by Coach Dan A so you will get both a good stretch and a good laugh out of every session!

FirePower 911 CAD$175Purchase required to enroll

Are you someone looking to get into the Firefighting or First Responder line of work? This program will allow you to get loaded up and workout with all of the bunker gear and help you prepare for any test or courses that you might have coming up! Prepared and coached by active duty FireFighters.

Sweat Sesh Drop In CAD$30 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Strongman Specialty Program CAD$85Purchase required to enroll

Using a variety of Strongman equipment, tools and tactics!