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Intro Classes

Boxing Basics

A introductory session with a boxing coach to learn the basics of boxing before class. Includes a pair of handwraps (fee applies).

Intro to FirePower (Adult)

An exploratory conversation with one of our caring & experienced coaches to discuss your goals and how we can best help you achieve them.

Group Classes

Boxing Classes Purchase required to enroll

Recreational Boxing Conditioning Classes. Gloves and hand wraps required. Must complete an Intro to Boxing to participate

FirePower Striking

Included in FP membership. Combines CrossFit with the benefits of boxing/kickboxing/striking. Must RSVP a spot online or first come first play!

Fit Over 40 Purchase required to enroll

Speciality programming in a small group setting. No Olympic lifting or gymnastics.

Open Gym

Requires pre-enrollment and counts as a visit.


A great class for lengthening, strengthening, stretching and gaining/maintaining flexibility.

Check In & Chat (current members) Free No purchase required to enroll

A quick 20 minute check-in, collaborative evaluation of your fitness and health. Together we craft a plan for your next 4-6 months.

Staff Check In & Chat No purchase required to enroll

WOD - intermediate/advanced athletes No purchase required to enroll

Come test your mental and physical capacity in a range of challenging WODs to push the boundary of your fitness. This hour is for Intermediate and Experienced athletes who wish to work on benchmarks, maxes, sprints, irregular skills and training for competition.

Specialty Programs

Fitness Boxing Boot Camp CAD$159 Purchase required to enroll

6 week program using heavy bags, instructor-lead hand pads and other conditioning elements. Focus is on weight-loss and cardio-endurance. Beginner levels welcome. No membership required. Age 14+

Mountain Bike Training CAD$299 Purchase required to enroll

Join Coach Jordan 2 days a week to train for Mountain Bike season.
Sessions will be held in the gym.

Running Program: Couch to 5k CAD$175 Purchase required to enroll

6 week progressive running program for anyone that wants to improve their running technique, skill, or stamina, regardless if you're trying to PR your 5k/10k or survive a 400m run in a wod.

Strength Training (6-weeks) CAD$240 Purchase required to enroll

This specialty program focuses on building pure strength through deadlifts, squats and presses.

Nutrition Appointments

InBody Body Composition Scan: Non-Member CAD$30 per appointment A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

Intro to Nutrition Free

Meet with a member of our nutrition coaching team to learn more about how we can help you create a nutrition plan that is right for you!

Youth Training

Youth: Advanced Purchase required to enroll

This class will focus on building athletes' strength and stamina through their well-
developed foundational movements. Athletes will begin to learn more complex
movement patterns and advanced exercises such as toes to bar and rope climbs.
Workouts will push athletes to higher intensities at varying durations, mimicking more
competitive sessions.

Youth: All Levels (novice, int, adv) CAD$30 per class No purchase required to enroll

Youth: Intermediate/Advanced Purchase required to enroll

This class is for Youth Athletes with an Intermediate or Advanced Membership

Youth: Novice Purchase required to enroll

This class will focus on building foundational movement patterns & developing body
awareness. Athletes will learn key functional movements such as squats, power cleans,
push-ups, & deadlifts. Workouts will typically be shorter, repeated efforts focusing on
quality movement.

Youth: Novice/Intermediate Purchase required to enroll

This class is for Youth Athletes with a Novice or Intermediate Membership

Youth Summer Athlete Development Series CAD$199 Purchase required to enroll

Youth Athlete Weightlifting Summer Series is a dynamic and engaging fitness program designed specifically for teenagers aged 12-17.

Youth: 430pm Front Gym (Advanced) Purchase required to enroll

Pre Approval Required


6 Week Nutrition Kickstart 2024 - Performance CAD$249 Purchase required to enroll

Top level accountability: work weekly with your assigned coach on performance-driven nutrition.
(This program requires previous knowledge of macros and/or food tracking)

6 Week Nutrition Kickstart 2024 - Fitness CAD$125 Purchase required to enroll

A 6 week lifestyle habit-building program affecting fitness, nutrition, sleep, and small habits you want to incorporate everyday!
A perfect program to start / restart making better habit choices to kickstart your year.